European version of Reversible Crusher

European version of Reversible Crusher

Based on many years’ experience and technology development, Dingbo SHKX Series European Reversible New Fine Crusher is the most advanced reversible fine crusher and widely used for crushing materials such as iron ore, limestone ore, coal, coal gangue, slag, shale, coke and etc.

  1. The Reversible Crusher adopts the configuration of big rotors, small hammers, and low rotates speed.
  2. Spiral Line is arranged for hammers order. It has the features of large crushing ratio, high crushing efficiency.
  3. Zigzag Impact plate for adjusting are placed in both sides of the rotors.
  4. Materials shall be crushed immediately after spiral reversible hammers hitting and impacting.
  5. Material fineness could be adjusted and enhanced fine products with instead of the traditional grates of crushers. It is flexible to the moisture material and makes sure the passing ratio of the final material. It can also reduce high air pressure caused by traditional crusher’s high speed rotate speed and reduce efficiently dust.
High Metal Utilization, deducing investment and production cost.

Hammers are spiral order line and increase crushing efficiency and prevent materials jammed inside.

Material fineness sizes are adjusted by changing gaps between hammers and lining plates inside the impact cavity and by changing the hammer line orders without the grates so that discharging gate will not be jammed and reduces wear and extend parts life.

Thermal resistance temperature sensor and vibrating controller can be placed inside the crusher rotor wearing base in order to show temperature and protect main unit from over-vibrating degree

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