Impact Crusher

Impact Crusher

These series of impact crushers are designed for crushing oresand rocks with particle sizes less than 500mm and compressiostrength no more than 320MPa. It has features of big crushingratio, high-efficiency crushing, cubic shape, selectable crushing,etc. It is widely used in highway, hydropower construction, airportand building industries.

The impact crusher crushes materials with impact force. When the materials enter the blow bar area. they are crushed due to the high-speed impact of the blow bar and are thrown to the impact plates on the rotor for secondary crush Then the materials will be shot back to the blow bar again for the third crush. This process repeats until the materials are crushed to the required size and discharged from the lower pan of the machine. The size and shape of the finished powder can be changed by adjusting the gap between the impact rack and rotor support. The machine employs self-weigh security device in its back frame. When othe objects enter the impact cavity. they will be forced out of the machine by the impact rack in the front and back of the machine

Efficient and energy saving; special structure, connected without key:high chrome hammer, unique impact liner; cubic shape of product,adjustable output size; easy maintenance, reliable operation.

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