GP Series Cone Crusher

GP Series Cone Crusher

Motor driving the pinion of crusher and pinion driver gear, big gear components (wheel, wheel frame, eccentric steel bushing) drives the eccentric set of components (eccentric eccentric cylinder liner, copper sets) and spindle components (main shaft, the inner cone, cone plate) theory of vertical line, orbit within the copper bushing, spindle component within the eccentric copper sleeve canbe achieved with the center line of the spindle rotation.

Empty when the chance that, eccentric sleeve components “hold’ the spindle component and with big gear revolution, after the material into the crushing chamber, the spindle assembly (spindle, inner cone) under the resistance of the_material in the eccentric copper set inside a slow rotation. The inner cone’s trajectory appears to be oscillating in thebroken cavity and slowly rotating. The material is crushed by the swing of the inner cone. Support and the frame body joint by the hydraulic cylinder pressure, falling into a metalpiece inside the crusher not broken objects, such as single cylinder hydraulic piston in order to move from the bottom of the cone. the eliminator adjustment and iron protection, and eliminate the effect of blocking in over and over again.

The adjustment of the discharging mouth size; hydraulic cylinder at the bottom of the first function is to adjust the upper and lower position of the spindle, to adjust the moving cone and outer cone spacing between the lining board. The spacing is smaller and the granulator is smaller: The spacing is greater, and the granulation of the crusher is large. At the same time, choose different type of broken cavity type, choose different eccentric sleeve also can change the material of material to make material size.

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